Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year

Unbelieveable, but time´s running so fast! How was your Silvester! Did u have a nice trip?

I was sitting beside the fire, was drinking some wine and thought about, was has happend during the last year! Some thoughts i put into the fire, to transform it into good things now and some, I´ve kept to a good save place in my heart!

Today I´ll give u some affirmation and u can read them every day, as often as u like and can!

I have an abundance of energy
I´m free of pain
Today is a good day, to have a good day
I´m loved and beautiful
Success will find me everyday
Today is full of possibilities

How are u feeling now! Do u feel well or much better than before? If u like, write it down and put it somewhere, where u can read it as often, as u can! It will fill u heart and youre mind, with positive thoughts and one time, u will think as always like that!

Don´t forget, we´re made of 75 % of water! And water is changeable in every direction - positive or negative, but u decide in which direction u´re changing!


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